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Our Story

"Perfection is Expected, Excellence is Tolerated"

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Patrick started learning trades as a child by helping his dad, Mike Sullivan, keep the rent houses in tip-top shape. These skills and this passion for consummate customer service is now his career.

Just out of high school Patrick landed a job at a machine shop, learning to appreciate the precise fabrications that only a milling machine can create. Intrigued and ready to see more, he continued on his path as an Electrical Apprentice at the age of 19.

"First day on the job my Master Electrician, Bates Brownson, had me pound 9 - 96" ground rods below grade at a concrete plant built for the 130/45 toll roads in the middle of September. It was hard work, hot work, but I stuck with it and after completing the task, sweaty and out-of-breath, I asked Bates, "What's next?" He just laughed and replied, 'You're hired.' "

As it turned out, only 4 ground rods were required by code. It had been a test, and Patrick passed. Four and a half years later, he passed another test with flying colors on the first try - his Journeyman's License.

After gaining years of invaluable experience, Patrick acquired a job as Lead Electrician for Native Inc. where he quickly earned the nickname, "Green Tag," by taking on the most sideways and difficult jobs and passing their respective inspections. It was quite a learning experience - managing crews, teaching wiring methods and more efficient installation techniques, learning solar, battery-backup, generator-backup, and completely off-grid electrical systems. He also honed his skills as a negotiator while working directly with homeowners, commercial property owners, engineers, manufacturers, Austin Energy line workers and administration, and City of Austin administrators and inspectors. "If I didn't know the answer, I found it."

With two years of experience at Native Inc., Patrick obtained the hours needed to take his Electrical Master's License Test. After rigorous studying and test prep, he passed that test, again on the first try. Now is Patrick's time to shine. He is eager to apply years of accumulated experience and contacts to the everyday construction and wiring issues that occasionally but inevitably pop up.

"I love my job and I love helping people. Let us help you."